In Uonuma there are 13 different onsen areas with Yunotani Onsen as the main one. Good flows of spring water, an abundance of health benefits, and some charming spa hotels. The meals at the accommodations are plentiful and something to look forward to.

  • 友家ホテル 芙蓉
  • うけづの湯
  • 足湯


  • Yunotani Onsen Area
    Yunotani Onsen Area
    There have been onsen ryokans here since long ago, and the area has a distinct Japanese feel to it.
  • Sumon&Irihirose Area
    Sumon & Irihirose Area (No onsen)
    With lots of minshuku style accommodation this area is perfect for trekking or sports training camps
  • Koide, Hirokami & Horinouchi Area
    Koide, Hirokami & Horinouchi Area
    With easy access from Urasa Station, Koide Station and Koide Interchange, this area is ideally located for many tourist spots.

Onsen for Day Trips

  • Yupio Spa
    Yupio Spa

  • Kami-yu
  • Miharashi-no-yu Komami
    Miharashi-no-yu Komami
  • Yu Park Yakushi
    Yu Park Yakushi
  • Suwa Onsen
    Suwa Onsen
  • Kamoshika-no-yu
  • Shirogane-no-yu


Onsen Treatment (Touji)

Touji is the practice of staying at an onsen for a long time (a least a week, or longer) as a medical treatment for a particular condition. Dating back to the times before doctors were common in Japan, there was the custom of bathing in, or drinking, onsen waters in order to treat illnesses. Even to this day the practice is continuing as people are coming to the onsen to find peace of mind, and relaxation, as well as raise their metabolism to treat conditions related to the demands of modern life

Onsen effective for medical treatment

Tochiomata Onsen

  • Jizaikan
  • Hougando