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With Oze National Park and the three great peaks of Echigo (Echigo Sanzan), Uonuma has some stunning natural assets. With pleasure cruises, campgrounds and promenades you can easily enjoy nature to your heart’s content.


Okutadami Lake

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From the end of March until the start of November you can enjoy pleasure cruises on the lake.
It is not just the autumn foliage in October that is popular, but also the new greenery in May which is similar to Northern Europe. Once you emerge from the long tunnels of the Okutadami Silver Line, you find yourself in a place surrounded by 2000 meter peaks and beech forests, almost as if you are no longer in Japan.
Definitely check out the tall mountains reflecting on the lake surface from the deck of the ship.


Address Niigata Prefecture, Uonuma City, Yunotani Imogawa, Ootori
TEL Okutadami Tourism 025-792-2750


Oze National Park

  • Oze National Park
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Taking the Oze Route from Uonuma City you will enjoy a wide variety of natural vistas along the way; passing through long tunnels, crossing the impressive Okutadami Lake by boat, and taking mountain roads lined with trees.
Furthermore, because the scenery at Oze changes with each season you can fully enjoy the many charms of the area.
The mountain entrance course from within Uonuma City doesn’t involve much change in height so allows people to easily enjoy Oze without effort, and can be done as a day trip. Prior reservations a week before are necessary and then you can use public transport and shared taxis to go from Uonuma to Oze. For further information, please contact Uonuma Tourist Association.



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Ginzandaira is surrounded by impressive mountains like Echigo-Komagatake and Arasawadake. It is a great place place to enjoy the great outdoors, but also with a campground, tennis courts and a multi-purpose area, it is a great place to play.



Uonuma City boasts Mt. Komgatake and Mt. Hiragatake which are included in the Famous 100 Peaks of Japan, and there are also many other famous mountains. The mountains change their appearances throughout the seasons, and attract a large number of mountain enthusiasts. For further information on accessing the mountains and for the condition of hiking routes, please contact Uonuma Tourist Information.