With its temples and cultural assets, Uonuma City has many places that allow you to get a feel for Japanese history.
There are many masterpieces from the end of the Edo era by the sculptor Uncho Ishikawa, that, with their power and detail, captivate the onlooker.


Uncho Ishikawa

The works of Uncho Ishikawa that transfix the viewer with their power and delicateness.
It is said that he came to Echigo because he was promised good sake and chisels for the rest of his life.
It is also said that his work found at Eirinji was the result of a bet with a priest. On the one hand are these unusual anecdotes that are told about him, but with a chisel in his hand he could demonstrate remarkable concentration.

Temples in Uonuma City where you can see the works of Uncho Ishikawa

  • Saifukuji, Kaisando
    Saifukuji, Kaisando
  • Eirinji


Map showing the works of Uncho Ishikawa in Uonuma City and in Niigata Prefecture

Meguro-tei (An Important National Cultural Property)

  • Meguro-tei
  • Meguro-tei


Meguro-tei was finished in 1797 having taken 5 years to build and was the residence of the head of the village.
It was the magnificent home of a rich farmer with 16 rooms across and 6 rooms deep. With things like surrounding walls made of stone and a gate with a cross bar it was built like the residence of samurai from the middle ages.


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