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Uonuma is home to a cuisine that takes full advantage of the blessings of nature.
Koshihikari rice from Uonuma is Japan’s most delicious, and is said to be rice so tasty that it needs no accompaniment. This is only the start. Unique local sakes, soba, mountains vegetables, etc…. Snow Country has lots of places famous for the unusual dish of horumon-yaki (grilled offal), and Uonuma has some great examples that you should sample. This is also the home of several nationally famous brands.


Koshihikari Rice from Uonuma

  • Koshihikari Rice from Uonuma
  • Koshihikari Rice from Uonuma

Koshihikari Rice from Uonuma is Japan’s most delicious rice and comes from the rich earth and pure water.
It has a flavor so good that if you try it once you will never forget. You definitely need to try the rice in situ cooked in the pure waters of Uonuma.


The local sake

  • midorikawa
  • tamagawasyuzo

The local sake made from the delicious water and rice of Uonuma has a well-rounded flavor that is like taking a taste of nature.


Mountain Vegetables

  • Mountain Vegetables
  • Mountain Vegetables

Uonuma City is rich in mountain vegetables. During the mountain vegetable seasons in spring and autumn the harvested vegetables are on sale. There are several products made from mountains vegetables so it is possible to enjoy mountain vegetable cuisine all year long.


Uonuma Soba

  • Uonuma Soba

There are a wide range of soba restaurants each with their own unique charms.
Restaurants that stone-grind their flour, some that specialize in condiments, others with distinct countryside charm. Enjoy finding the one that you suits you the best, and as you savor the soba at each establishment you can look out on the beautiful scenery of Uonuma.



  • Horumon-yaki
  • Horumon-yaki

Horumon-yaki is grilled entrails. Being a place in the mountains, in the past fresh pig innards were cheap and easy to obtain, and even today it is much loved as a taste of the local people.
If you talk about barbeque in Uonuma, it is not usually beef that is being referred to, but horumon-yaki.
Lots of people come from outside this prefecture to eat at the Horumon-yaki restaurants, and because the seasoning and sauces vary between establishments, it is great to try many places to compare.