Welcome to the authentic Japan

Enjoy scenery that changes throughout the year, and ingredients from each season.

Uonuma is place where you can enjoy the changing of the seasons. A culture that has emerged from the many blessing of the surrounding nature has produced an intriguing cuisine with some famous brands known throughout the country, such as Uonuma koshihikari rice and other unique ingredients.

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A rich supply of hot spring water and onsen cures

  • onsen
  • 友家ホテル 芙蓉

With Yunotani as the main draw, there are 13 different onsen areas. There are an abundance of benefits from the hot spring water, good flows and some charming accommodations. Experience the culture of the hot spring cure that was popular in the past, and fully enjoy the sensations of the natural hot springs.

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Heavy snow that passes the 3 meter mark, and snow activities

  • Snow
  • snowshoeing

Experience the culture born from life in heavy snow which can reach over 3 meters deep. You can enjoy winter sports in one of the area’s six unique ski areas.

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Delicious Uonuma Koshihikari rice that is so tasty it almost needs no accompaniment; Japanese sakes; mountain vegetables

  • ご飯
  • 稲・実る

You simply have to try the delicious Uonuma koshihikari rice right where it is produced, grown from the rich soil and fresh water. Sake made from Japan’s best rice is also exceptionally good.

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Impressive nature with Oze National Park as a prime example

  • 奥只見
  • 入広瀬ミュージアム

Uonuma is the gateway to Oze National Park which is an untouched natural habitat. At Okutadami Lake you can enjoy views similar to the fjords.

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The masterpieces of Japan’s Michelangelo, Uncho Ishikawa, and Snow Country Culture.

  • 目黒邸
  • 雲水龍 欄間

The numerous remaining masterpieces of sculptor Uncho Ishikawa captivate onlookers with their details and power. He has been called the Michelangelo of Japan and is highly regarded. Also, as an area with heavy snow there are an abundance of historical sites.

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